My story

Sometimes you feel the need to live differently, to search for what works for you and what you believe in. Following that need I have consciously chosen to build a professional life around our family life with 3 small children. To me, these are years I will never get back and therefore want to live now that they are here. On the other hand, this created the space to pursue a love I have had since forever: finding and combining beautiful interior objects that make a house a home, a personal story.

There are many great items by brands and artisans around the world. Through House of Tilia I want to share a selection of their work with you. You can find an evolving mix of items I love, old and new pieces that radiate authenticity and warmth through their craftsmanship. Whether their beauty lies in the old touch, materials, technical knowhow or simply the smile they put on your face, the items you choose will bring their story into your home. A home is built by the people who house it, but thoughtfully chosen items can help you shape your corner of the world. 

The selection of articles can be bought online, and discovered through photographs with “in-house looks”, where the items are showcased and combined. If you are interested in attending a private sales event, receiving advice or if you would like help in finding a specific decoration or furniture piece, please contact us via the contact form and I will get in touch with you.

I hope you enjoy the collection or find the inspiration you are looking for.